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Welcome to Solar Power Centre – the UK's leading supplier of solar garden lights . Our extensive solar lighting range includes everything from solar lights , solar fairy lights , solar shed lights , solar wall lights , solar security lights , and much more… We wont be beaten on price so let us know if you find anything cheaper elsewhere (even if you've already ordered) so we can make good on our Price Promise. And don't forget we offer Free UK Delivery with all orders over £50!


High quality solar lights


Solar lights have become more and more popular as people look for quick and flexible ways to provide lighting to outdoor spaces while reducing their energy bills. The great thing about solar lights is their flexibility. Unlike mains power lights, which require a considerable amount of electrical and landscaping work to install, solar lighting can be set up in minutes and moved around with ease.

At night they will turn on automatically and turn off automatically in the morning so they can charge up again for the night ahead. Solar powered lights are now a serious rival to mains power lights. Lights powered by solar energy are bright, reliable, easy to install, free to run and great for the environment.

Indoor Solar Lighting?

Solar lights are mainly designed to work outdoors where they can be positioned in direct sunlight. Some customers try to charge products indoors on windowsills, but this can be problematic for two reasons. Firstly, if a product is on a window ledge it can only receive direct sunlight through the window which drastically limits the amount of light it receives as the sun passes across the sky. If it was outside it would capture direct sunlight throughout the day. Secondly, and more importantly, modern glass filters many of the light waves needed to make solar work. Some modern double glazed windows can reduce solar efficiency by up to 90%! This means that you would need to charge a light for 9 days inside on a window ledge to achieve the same level of charge as 1 day outside. Charging solar lights under artificial lights is also a waste of time and electricity. This may work on a small solar calculator which requires very little energy to work, but you will not get any meaningful charge into a solar powered light by charging it under a light bulb.

Solar Lights That Work Indoors

Our new Dual-power Solar Fairy Lights can work inside your home as well as outside. When placed outside they will charge from the sun just like any other solar light, but they can also be used indoors like normal mains powered fairy lights. Simply plug them into your computer or a USB plug adaptor using the supplied cable and you’re good to go.